Rehearsal Dinners

Bienvenue and Welome Randol's

A P P E T I Z E R S :

gator bites     $ 9

Tender farm-raised alligator marinated and deep fried ...  tastes like chicken!


stuffed mushrooms     8

Jumbo mushroom caps stuffed with our own seafood stuffing and baked in an herb cream sauce


white lake dreaming     8

Randol’s lump crabmeat and béchamel cream crab cakes, served on a parmesan alfredo sauce


seafood fondue     15

Randol’s fresh crawfish, crab and shrimp smothered in our seafood butter cream, topped with an Italian cheese blend and baked to perfection.  Served with garlic toast points


boudin balls     8

Crispy fried Boudin balls served with our seafood butter cream


spinach & artichoke dip     9

A creamy blend of fresh spinach, artichokes and an Italian cheese blend.  Served with fresh tortilla chips


crab fingers (seasonal)     10

Hand-picked right here on the property: marinated and fried in our house BBQ seasoning or sautéed in garlic butter


ginger & cane glazed shrimp     8

Panko-crusted jumbo shrimp tossed in our ginger cane glaze, set over sautéed sesame cabbage & finished with toasted almond slivers and fresh cilantro


appetizer platter     35 (serves 6-8 ppl)

Fried alligator, crab fingers, catfish bites and fried shrimp with choice of stuffed mushrooms OR spinach & artichoke dip


* OYSTERS ON THE HALFSHELL (seasonal)    market price*


G U M B O S  A N D  B I S Q U E S :


seafood gumbo     cup $ 7     bowl $ 13

Randol’s fresh picked crabmeat, crawfish and gulf shrimp in a traditional Cajun dark stock


SHRIMP gumbo     cup 6     bowl  12

Randol’s fresh picked crabmeat, crawfish and gulf shrimp in a traditional Cajun dark stock


chicken & sausage gumbo     cup 6     bowl 12

andouille sausage and tender braised chicken simmered in a traditional Cajun dark stock


corn & crab bisque     cup 8     bowl 14

sweet corn and our lump crabmeat simmered in a velvety herb cream


crawfish bisque     cup 7     bowl 13

Randol’s crawfish in a rich dark roux, topped with a crawfish boulet



S A L A D S :


house salad     sm $ 3    lg $ 6                            

mixed green salad, garnished with cucumbers,  tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese

(your choice of dressing)


caesar salad     sm 4     lg 7

chopped romaine, shredded parmesan cheese, homemade croutons, and Randol’s Caesar dressing


SEAFOOD SALAD    lg 18                         

house salad topped with shrimp, crabmeat and crawfish tails topped with slivers of Gouda cheese

(your choice of dressing)


green goddess salad    lg 10

mixed green salad, Randol’s freshly made green goddess dressing, toasted almond slivers, and  Gouda cheese



-add to any lg. salad-     7

blackened chicken breast

grilled or fried shrimp




-add a side salad to any entrée $2



S E A F O O D  S P E C I A L T I E S :



crawfish étouffée     18

Louisiana crawfish, trinity of vegetables and Cajun spices in our award winning sauce served with Louisiana long grain white rice and a side of mixed vegetables


shrimp étouffée     16

Louisiana shrimp, trinity of vegetables and Cajun spices in a traditional sauce served with Louisiana long grain white rice and a side of mixed vegetables


crabmeat augratin     19

Randol’s hand-picked crabmeat folded in a rich seafood veloute, topped with sharp cheddar cheese then broiled till golden-brown served with a side of mixed vegetables


soft shell crab     (1 crab) 17     (2 crabs) 24

fresh soft shell crabs battered and fried golden brown, served with French fries and shrimp jambalaya


blackened catfish étouffée     19

8oz farm raised catfish filet, blackened and set over Louisiana long grain white rice and shrimp étouffée with a side of mixed vegetables


crawfish enchiladas     19

Cajun seasoned Louisiana crawfish tails and our secret southwest sauce rolled in flour tortillas topped with pepper jack and cheddar cheese and baked to perfection and served with a side of mixed vegetables


randol’S catch      21

Blackened fish, fried onion rings and Randol’s own seafood stuffing on a bed of Andouille smothered cabbage, drizzled with a tangy remoulade sauce


pan fried    19

Lightly battered and pan-fried, set over green beans and tasso




R A N D O L ’ S  S I G N A T U R E S :



Randol’s blue point crab cakes     (1) 19             (2) 27

Randol’s crab cakes are made in the true Baltimore style all lump crabmeat, no fillers!  Served with vegetable of the day



thai SNAPPER  style     19

panko-crusted gulf snapper served on sautéed sesame cabbage and topped with Randol’s lump crabmeat in a spicy curry cream


bbq shrimp     17

bbq seasoned jumbo gulf shrimp simmered in a rich creole buerre monte with garlic toast points for dipping


tuna sesame     24

sesame crusted yellowfin tuna and jumbo gulf shrimp set on a crispy eggplant medallion, served over asian cabbage and coated in our ginger cane glaze



saigon softshell crab     (1) 22    (2) 30

panko-crusted soft shell crab set over sautéed sesame cabbage and topped with Randol’s lump crabmeat in a spicy curry cream




B O I L E D  S E A F O O D : (seasonal)


Boiled crawfish    (market)

3# or 5# of Louisiana crawfish


steamed blue point crabs     (market)

half-dozen of Randol’s crabs


Randol’s famous bbq crabs     (market)

Blue point crabs marinated in our house bbq seasoning, battered and fried


steamed gulf shrimp     18

shell-on gulf shrimp served with corn, potatoes and sausage







P A S T A S :


gulf coast garlic shrimp     $ 19

sautéed jumbo gulf shrimp on angel hair pasta in a seafood garlic sauce, served with garlic toast points


parmesan eggplant pasta     18

angel hair pasta tossed in parmesan cream with a crispy eggplant medallion, lump crabmeat, gulf coast shrimp and Louisiana crawfish


BLACKENED  chicken pasta     16

blackened chicken breast set over fettuccini pasta tossed in our garlic alfredo and parmesan cheese




S T E A K  & C H I C K E N :


(all steaks come with a small house salad, vegetable of the day and your choice of one additional side item)


ribeye     $ 27    

12oz sterling silver ribeye, seasoned with our house blend and grilled to your specification


beef & bayou     33

premium grilled ribeye smothered in  our award winning crawfish étouffée


bacon jack chicken     17

 blackened chicken breast topped with caramelized mushrooms and onions, applewood smoked bacon and pepper jack & cheddar cheese served on a bed of smoked potato hash and topped with our herb cream sauce





S E A F O O D  P L A T T E R S :

For substitutions – additional charges may apply


shrimp platter     $ 23

stuffed shrimp, fried shrimp, shrimp étouffée, and a cup of shrimp gumbo, served with Louisiana long grain white rice and French fries


seafood platter     26

fried catfish, deviled crab, fried shrimp, stuffed shrimp,  fried oysters, crawfish  étouffée, and a cup of seafood gumbo, served with Louisiana long grain white rice and French fries


CRAWFISH  platter     26

Fried crawfish, crawfish étouffée, crawfish boulettes, and a cup of crawfish bisque, served with Louisiana long grain white rice and French fries


crawfish half & half     18

crispy fried crawfish and our award winning crawfish étouffée on the same plate! served with white rice and French fries


shrimp half & half     17

fried gulf coast shrimp and shrimp étouffée served with white rice and French fries


fried shrimp     17

with French fries and shrimp jambalaya


fried catfish     15

with French fries and shrimp jambalaya


fried crawfish     18

with French fries and shrimp jambalaya


fried oysters     18

with French fries and shrimp jambalaya















A  L A  C A R T E :  S I D E S  &  A D D-O N S


VEGETABLE OF THE DAY    $ 3                                                            baked potato     4


shrimp or sausage jambalaya      2                             twiced baked potato     4


Cajun-boiled potato, corn, & sausage     2                        French fries    2.50


sweet potato fries     4



CRAWFISH EOUTFFEE     8                                                       SHRIMP EOUTFFEE     5


2 OZ SAUTEED LUMP CRABMEAT     8                                  5 FRIED OR GRILLED SHRIMP   7




























There may be a risk associated with consuming raw shellfish, as is the case with other raw protein products.  If you suffer from chronic illness of the liver, stomach or blood or have other immune disorders, you should eat these products fully cooked. *





house                                                                        glass / bottle


chardonnay, two vines (washington)                                       $5 / 20

pinot grigio, bella serra (italy)                                                    5 / 20

white zinfandel, beringer (california)                                       5 / 20

pinot noir, bella serra (italy)                                                       5 / 20

cabernet sauvignon, two vines (washington)                         5 / 20

merlot, bella serra (italy)                                                             5 / 20

chianti, bella serra (italy)                                                             5 / 20

white                                                                                glass / bottle


chardonnay, kendall jackson (california)                              $8 / 32

chardonnay ~ un-oaked, toad hollow (california)                9 / 36

pinot grigio, altanuta (california)                                              9 / 36

sauvignon blanc, kunde (california)                                          7 / 28

sauvignon blanc, brancott (new zealand)                                8 / 32

riesling, chateau st michelle (washington)                             6 / 24

red                                                                           glass / bottle


pinot noir, robert mondavi private select (california)        $7 / 28

shiraz, jacob’s creek reserve (australia)                                  8 / 32

red zinfandel, b v beaulieu (california)                                    8 / 32

red zinfandel, rosenblum (california)                                       6 / 24

merlot, b v beaulieu (california)                                                 7 / 28

merlot, 14 hands (california)                                                        6 / 24

cabernet sauvignon, b v beaulieu (california)                        8 / 32

cabernet sauvignon, robert mondavi p.s. (california)         7 / 28

chianti, cecchi (italy)                                                                       6 / 24

malbec, finca (argentina)                                                               6 / 24


domestic                                                                                          $3

budweiser                           bud light                              bud select

coors                                     coors light                           miller light                                                     michelob ultra                             o’douls                          




specialty and import                                                                         $4 

abita amber, (LA)             corona, (Mexico)               new castle, (England)

abita purple haze, (LA)   corona light, (Mexico)    rolling rock, (PA)

abita turbo dog, (LA)       dixie, (LA)                           sam adams, (MA)

blue moon, (CO)               heinekin, (Holland)                  shiner bock, (TX)

LA 31  (LA)                          grenade (LA)                      bud lite Platinum (LA)







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